Kamis, 15 September 2011

Vidi aldiano

Vidi Aldiano (born in Jakarta, March 29, 1990, age 21 years; born with the name Oxavia Aldiano) is an Indonesian singer. Vidi has released album entitled Rainbow in the Night, Man and The SecondChoice. Vidi also had to follow the Java Jazz Festival 2005. Justinalso brought some recycled songs titled Love Do not You Go once popularized by Sheila Madjid and popularized by Nuance BeningKeenan Nasution. Vidi Aldiano trusted by Susilo BambangYudhoyono to bring his songs, titled My Soul Light of That Night.Vidi Aldiano have a fan club named VIDIES.

Vidi grew up in families that have a high appreciation of music.He is adept at playing the piano since age 3, through the guidance of her mother who is a piano teacher.
At age 2.5 yearshe has won both sing to the child. Be Vidi sinceelementary school art relied upon as an ambassador for the school.
Teenager, Vidi began to pursue a musical instrument violin.While sitting in high schoolVidi joined the band and started his performance in this band showed by winning first prize in1ncredible Band Festival 2007.
Vidi keartisan career began when his fatherHarry Kiss, an event organizer famous business owners realize his latent talent and offer a demo album to his friends record company owner. Unfortunately,the demo album was rejected because the trend is not popularmale solo artist at that time. After six rejections from record companiesfinally in 2009 a music producer Lala Hamid moved toproducer after single Vidi Vidi amazed to look in an opportunity.
Finallythe Trinity Optima Production accept Vidi to release his second albumHe released albums with the hits' Second (datang dan kembali) and (gadis genit)